Infant Massage

After the arrival of your baby, I provide an in home visit to give your newborn a massage. I Use natural oils that are healthy for the skin to absorb. This massage aids in the relaxation and digestive system of your baby to promote better deeper sleep, help with colic, constatpation, boost muscle development, and most important promote brain growth through better sleep. I can also work with you on learning how to give your baby a massage. Teaching you about the proper oils to use that are safe on a baby’s skin. How to read your baby’s cues. Infant massage has enormous benefits for helping babies grow and thrive. It promotes parent and child bonding, as well as to help you find your own inner calming responses, your inner Zen. To put you in touch with peace.

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I considerate it an honor to be asked to help you during this very special time in your life. Learn more about how I can help you during your postpartum transition by requesting an interview.