Breastfeeding Support

Reading books and seeing photos of breastfeeding mothers make it look easy. It shows and looks like a blissful peaceful easy thing to do.

Yet when you actually give it a try, it’s nothing like what the books show. Often new mothers are left feeling inadequate. That somehow something is not quite right. You wonder why your baby is fighting you and the breast is right there. Sometimes things go well in the hospital but not at all when you get home and attempt to feed baby. Frustration often sets in at times when issues continue going on without getting any help from a lactation specialist. The mother finds herself wanting to give up too easily. Suffering in frustration and silence for too long. Breastfeeding can and will get easier. Be patient with yourself and your baby. It’s a learning process for both of you.  I’m here to promote wellness and encouragement during the postpartum recovery time.

Call me for an in home visit. I’m happy to stop by and address your issues as well as talk about other concerns you may have such as your postpartum body, the healing process or baby care. I’m only a phone call away.

Request an Interview

I considerate it an honor to be asked to help you during this very special time in your life. Learn more about how I can help you during your postpartum transition by requesting an interview.